Gonum and Sparse package

What is Vector?

What is Column Vector?

  • Cap() gives you the capacity of the vector
  • Len() gives you the number of columns within the vector
  • IsZero() validates whether or not a vector is zero-sized
  • MulVec() multiplies vectors a and b and serves the result
  • AtVec() returns the value within the vector at a given position

What is matrices?

  • Vendor A:
    Resistors: 5
    Transistors: 10
    Capacitors: 2
  • Vendor B:
    Resistors: 8
    Transistors: 6
    Capacitors: 3
  • Resistors cost: $0.10
  • Transistors cost: $0.42
  • Capacitors cost: $0.37



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Ahmad Berahman

Ahmad Berahman

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