Room and Covid 19 :)

I am a developer who always passionate about learning new technologies and being part of professional projects in companies pushing innovation and welcoming new technologies. To achieve my goal , always I devote my energy and time to learn what is new in this area .As every body know , nowadays world has faced to the global crisis called “Corona Virus” ,under this circumstances anyone should stay at home . Staying at home gives me an opportunity to study more and it has been best time for me to implement a project which I named it “ROOM” and share it with others. In ROOM I try to implement logical and appropriate responses for interviews questions are asked in different platforms such as Hackrank and … , through C# structures and algorithms and share it with others in Link.

I hope this information will be beneficial to others .




I have a dream to have a spectacular garden

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Ahmad Berahman

Ahmad Berahman

I have a dream to have a spectacular garden

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